Did You Know...?

Below are a collection of fun facts and trivia about our favorite collectible card game! Do you have a fun fact that isn't featured below? Let us know!

Did You Know…


1995 Limited Set


…the 1995 Limited Set was released in October 1995.

…two rares per pack were initially planned for the 1995 Limited Set but at the game designer’s request it was reduced to one.

​1996 Unlimited Set

…the 1996 Unlimited Set was released in February 1996.

…the 1996 Unlimited Set is the only set to have a reprint, as the initial run sold out quickly.

…the original plans for the Unlimited Set did not include the chase cards from the 1995 Limited Set. They were added back in to allow newer players access to those cards.

Max At Computer.jpg

...although correct in the 1995 Limited Set, the artwork for characters Talos and Nychus were mistakenly swapped in the 1996 Unlimited Set.

...the 1996 Unlimited Set is missing two uncommon cards from the 1995 Limited Set: Spinning Back Kick and Throat Punch.

Conflict! Expansion Set

…the Conflict! Expansion Set was released in February 1996.

…Conflict Hot Packs were inserted into booster boxes of the 1996 Unlimited Set second printing.

…the entire print run for the Conflict! Expansion Set sold out before it was shipped and was difficult to find in many stores when it was released.

…the 12 cards included in the Conflict! Hot Pack set were originally considered to be included the Conflict! Expansion Set checklist but were announced to be an exclusive pack in December ’95.

Image Universe Expansion Set

…the Image Universe Expansion Set was announced on March 14, 1996 and the inclusion of Top Cow characters was announced a week later.

…after heavy advertisement for a July ’96 release, the Image Universe Expansion Set was finally released on September 4th, 1996.

…the Image Universe Expansion Set print run was twice the size of Conflict! Expansion Set.

…properties like Lady Death, Evil Ernie, and Astro City were considered to be included in the game, although no official arrangement was ever made.

…Hellboy, Monkeyman, and O’Brien were slated to be chase cards in the Image Universe Expansion Set but the rights were never finalized.

Legends Solitaire Edition

…the Legends Solitaire Edition was released in July 1997.


…the Legends Solitaire Edition rules originally saw the light of day as a prototype for a Deadlands

CCG designer Matt Forbeck had developed in the winter of 1996.


…Dark Horse characters were planned to be in the expansion set following Image Universe, planned for early 1997, but Dark Horse pulled out of the verbal arrangement by the end of ‘96.


Promos And Merchandise


…the promo cards for the 1995 Limited Set featured black borders on the reverse and were unable to be played in tournaments.


…the Chromium Foil “Battlemat” was a retailer incentive for stores that ordered a case of the 1995 Limited Set boosters.


…there were plans for a standard card stock version of the “Battlemat” that was set to release in March ’96 and retail for #19.95.


…the WildStorms Players Guide had a print run of approximately 10,000 copies.


…there were plans to package the WildStorms Players Guide with one of three exclusive cards included at random.

…the WildStorms Players Guide was based on the notes that co-creator and co-designer Drew Bittner compiled while working on the game.

…the original power stats for the personalized card promotions were deemed too low and were revamped to make the cards slightly more competitive.



…uncut sheets were given away as prizes during certain tournaments.


…delays in the game were often caused by the printing facility not having the proper card stock supply during production.