Deck Building 101

Now that you have some cards, it's time to put together a deck! Below are some tips and tricks that will help you get comfortable with creating and fine tuning a quality deck. These tips were taken from the Official Rule Book, the WildStorms Player's Guide, and the WildStorm website as it appeared when the game was launched.

There are THREE rules you must follow when building a WildStorms resource deck:

1.You can have no more than 3 copies of any single card in your deck.

2. You can have no more than 200 points worth of cards in your deck. (Each card's point value is located at the bottom right of the card.)

3. At least 30 of these points must be in character cards, and least another 30 points must be in equipment cards.

Remember that battlesites and prizes don't go into your resource deck. They don't cost points and are kept separate. (These cards have a pink reverse.)

Tuning Your Deck

Play with at least 50 cards in your deck. Running out of cards can prove fatal. That said, the fewer cards in your deck, the better chance you have of getting out that vital card at a crucial moment.

Try to build your deck around one team or two compatible teams. If you don't, you'll never be able to use teamwork or Leadership. By using those tactics, a well-chosen team of weak-to-moderate characters can take out a mismatched assortment of powerhouses.

It's a good idea to make your deck 20 - 25% character cards. Recruiting characters is vital, and with fewer you may have a hard time drawing characters to recruit.

Choosing Battlesites

For your first few games, use the battlesites requiring the least amount of points to win -- just until you get the hang of the game. Then, if you want to play a longer game (or if you think a longer game might suit your deck or style of play), choose battlesites with higher point totals.

Developer Strategies -- Matt Forbeck's Tips

Unlike in some other games, there are no instant-win combos in WildStorms. Although lots of people have already got killer decks, there's no such thing as an unbeatable deck. This is because each card (except for Prizes and Battlesites) is worth a certain number of points, and each deck has to have a certain point total. This, along with the rule that you can only have three copies of any one card in your deck, ensures that games will be competitive.

Here are a few quick tips for making your deck more than just a randomly collected pack of cards.

TIP #1

Always build your deck around a team or two (the fewer the teams, the better). This allows you to take best advantage of Leadership and Teamwork, both of which can be keys to winning the game.

TIP #2

If you can, get two characters with Leadership for your team. They don't get a bonus for their own Leadership, but they do get a bonus from each other's.

TIP #3

Try to make sure that characters comprise at least 25% of your deck. Then when you're playing, burn through (discard or play) your cards as quickly as possible. This will help you get those characters out of your resources where they're buried. You need characters to win. Otherwise, you'll never have anyone to play most of your other cards on.

Keep these three things in mind, and you'll be a WildStorms player to deal with!

Developer Strategies -- Drew Bittner's Tips

TIP #1

A good combination deck is WILDC.A.T.S/STORMWATCH. But, if you put these two teams together, you must have SPARTAN!With his Leadership and double affiliation, he can give a +1 attack bonus to all the characters on those two teams.

Bear in mind that the two teams' characters cannot support each other with Teamwork-- unless you include a few JOIN THE WILDC.A.T.S or THE U.N. WANTS YOU cards. By putting cards like these into your decks, you ensure that Teamwork and Leadership will boost your overall combat effectiveness.

TIP #2

Although the GEN13 kids are tough, the other teams are larger and (in general) more powerful than they are. How do you overcome this disadvantage? Add either I.O. or Team 7 characters to that deck. I.O. has lots of disposable firepower, in the form of non-unique BLACK RAZORS, KEEPERS, and I.O. AGENTS, who can muster up some significant Teamwork by themselves, while TEAM 7 has lots of Gen-Active characters who (like the GEN13) benefit from a number of Gen-Factor cards. Again, just as above, you'll want to have cards that add affiliations in your deck.

The card you need to make this match-up work is LYNCH. He's affiliated with GEN13, TEAM 7, and I.O., plus he has Leadership-- he is the ONLY character in the game with this many natural affiliations! As long as he's active, you're in business!

TIP #3

For you villain-lovers, the CABAL and the MERCS are a good match-up. Individually, the MERCS are pretty tough, but there aren't many of them. Ditto the WARGUARD, though DESPOT is a one-man team-killer!

In constructing a CABAL deck, you'll want to include a whole fleet of nonunique DAEMONITES, including those DAEMONITE IN FLASH SUIT guys, as well as enough characters like HELSPONT and DEFILE to make sure you get a few DAEMONITE POSSESSION cards into your hand.

TIP #4

WETWORKS has enough characters to stand alone (barely), but they must have FIREPOWER! More than any other team, you should load down the WETWORKS gang with as many guns, ammo, demolitions, and weapon enhancements as they can carry-- then think about armor. After equipment, set them up with combat cards. Plot Twists come last in constructing a WETWORKS deck, largely because their combat skills are generally good enough not to need them.

This is also the team that can benefit the most from using the chase card versions of both DANE and DOZER. The chase versions are mighty powerful and mighty economical to recruit and include in your deck, pointwise.