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What is WildStorms CCG?

WildStorms: The Expandable Super-Hero Collectible Card Game (or WSCCG) was a card game published from 1995 until 1997. The game featured characters, locations, and scenarios from Jim Lee's WildStorm Universe, which was a comic book company affiliated at that time with Image Comics. Cards were packaged and sold like trading cards and players could create their own decks to play against other players or as a solitaire game. Although the game was short lived, it is still enjoyed today because of its authentic comic book gaming experience and well-designed play mechanics.

Take a look at the WSCCG Wikipedia Page for a generic overview of the game, or jump right into the Rule Book for an in-depth explanation.

WildStorms is © DC Comics. All characters and all images are properties of their respective owners. This website and its contents are being presented by fans to fans for historical and educational purposes only. No materials on this site are for sale or profit.

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